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Recent academic interviews by the Centre for Political Thought.

Interviews with Professor Marlies Glasius, Professor Thomas Heberer, and Professor Thomas Risse

Interviews with Professor Marlies Glasius:  Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age

In this interview, we speak to Professor Marlies Glasius, Professor of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, about Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age, delving into the book’s themes, the process of researching authoritarian practices and the methodological challenges associated with said research.

Interview with Professor Thomas Heberer:  Ethnological Approach to China Politics, Society and Modernisation

On Friday 30th June 2023, the Centre for Political Thought hosted Professor Thomas Heberer for a remotely conducted interview. Thomas Heberer is a Senior Professor of Chinese Politics and Society at the Institute of East Asian Studies and Faculty of Social Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany – he has been academically involved with China for over 50 years. 

Interview with Professor Thomas Risse: Effective Governance Under Anarchy

In this interview we speak to Professor Thomas Risse about his recent book titled Effective Governance Under Anarchy, co-authored with Tanja Börzel and published by Cambridge University Press.


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