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Dr Milad Latifi, KTP Associate

Dr Milad Latifi - Water They Up To: CWS in the Spotlight

In this month's 'Water they up to: CWS in the Spotlight' feature, KTP Associate Dr Milad Latifi shares his thoughts on all things water.

What is your research about?

My main research topic is upgrading the water supply and distribution systems. Currently, I am working as a Research Associate in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter and Datatecnics Corporation. We are developing a digital twin to predict failures in water distribution networks. Such a model uses experimental, numerical, and analytical models accompanied with field high-resolution measurements to enhance the prediction capability, both spatially and temporally.

What is the most exciting part about your research?

The results of this research will help water utility companies to deliver drinking water in a more reliable and sustainable way. The most interesting part for me is that this is not ‘research only for the research’, but a practical project with tangible outcomes for the sector. In other words, throughout this study I can see how water companies can benefit from the digital twin to manage their assets.

When thinking about water, what place comes to mind first and why?

I recall the ‘Anahita’ Temples in my home country; Iran, which were constructed more than 2,000 years ago to praise the Goddess of ‘water’ and fertility. In Mithraic mysteries, Anahita was the Goddess who controlled the rain and springs. In such an arid climate, water is indeed precious and greatly appreciated, and so they built these huge temples with monolithic architectures to demonstrate their respect to water.

Which movie or book character would you most associate with water?

One of the books which inspired me about the wonders of the oceans and seas was ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas’. For me, the most amazing part was the hidden adventures which took place deep in the ocean. Even after a century or more from the time that this novel published, there are still many more amazing things that are yet to be discovered but it was also important to Captain Nemo that he protect the oceans from what lies beyond them. That is why I believe we should keep a protective eye on the oceans and sea life, as they are essential components of our ecosystem.


Date: 9 August 2022

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