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GECCO 2023

ESE Researchers win Best Paper Award at GECCO 2023

Researchers from the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering won the Best Paper Award in the Real World Application track at the prestigious Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Conference ('GECCO') held in Lisbon, Portugal from 15-19th July 2023.

The work by Matt Hayslep, Prof Ed Keedwell and Prof Raziyeh Farmani developed a new multi-objective multi-gene genetic programming approach to the problem of predicting leakage using minimum night flow data, in conjunction with industrial partners South West Water as part of the CREWW initiative. The award was nominated by reviewers and then voted on by delegates at the conference.

Prof Keedwell said: “Understanding and predicting leakage from data is a challenging and important problem that can reduce costs and carbon emissions from the provision of clean water. Our new algorithm is able to produce accurate and explainable rules for the detection of potential leakage within areas of the water distribution network and it was fantastic for this work to recognised with this award.”

Date: 7 August 2023

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