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FIWARE4WATER Follower Cities Meeting

FIWARE4WATER Follower Cities Meeting: A virtual workshop for Local Water Forums

Local Water Forums are created to answer a variety of local and/or global water-based concerns. Those which have been established within the FIWARE4WATER project, such as Great Torrington Water Forum, have been aimed at a) creating awareness regarding the global issue of water at a local community scale and b) contributing to and disseminating the progress of more technical aspects of the project such as the enhanced use of smart meters.

Under the UN World Water Quality Alliance (UNWWQA), Local Water Forums are tackling a wider range of water-based issues including water quality, water scarcity, the recovery of green spaces and a more open form of water administration. One of the key aspects of the work of both FIWARE4WATER and the UNWWQA is the desire to ensure that Local Water Forums from different regions, countries and continents establish a strong relationship between each other, exchanging knowledge, experience and perspectives.

The purpose of the Follower Cities meeting on the 25th November was to bring Local Water Forums together for the first time to create a space to discuss amongst themselves what really concerns them.  The session was designed and facilitated by Dr Kate Baker and more than 30 people attended with representatives from regions around the world including Africa, South America and Europe. After general introductions and discussions, Barbara Hale from WaterWise presented her experiences of how to create an effective awareness campaign.

Date: 15 December 2021

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