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Fiware4Water project

Successful H2020 project completion

The Centre for Water System (CWS) participated in the H2020 Fiware4Water project from 2019–2022 - alongside 15 partners from across 7 EU countries - and was successfully concluded by the end of May 2022.  

During the project, the CWS team collaborated with partners to develop methodologies linking water network data with modelling tools to strengthening the monitoring and management of water utilities. CWS worked closely with the South West Water (SWW) to utilise the data collected via smart meters for improving the understanding of water consumption in households. Throughout the project, CWS and SWW also engaged with the local community in Great Torrington and established a Local Water Forum to raise the public awareness in water conservation and sustainability. A customer mobile app was also created to help SWW’s clients better understand their household water usage and enhance water efficiency. The partnership established with the Great Torrington Local Water Forum during the Fiware4Water project has been praised by the UN's World Water Quality Alliance (WWQA) as an exemplar of community engagement.

The key findings from the Fiware4Water project have contributed to the publication of the following white paper: 'The need for digital water in a green Europe: EU H2020 projects’ contribution to the implementation and strengthening of EU environmental policy' as the recommendations for future European policies.

Date: 26 July 2022

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