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CREWW research falls under the following themes:

CREWW research is transdisciplinary, co-created with South West Water, and draws upon expertise from across the University of Exeter - particularly Geography, Biosciences, Engineering, Economics and Psychology. 

Its research horizons will focus on the most pressing research challenges that impact upon the provision of safe and resilient water and waste services across the UK and overseas, bringing together engineering, nature, economic and behaviour-based solutions that deliver multiple benefits to our business operations, the environment, society and the economy.

Underpinning the more applied, sector-focused research is a portfolio of pure research projects which deepen our understanding of the interactions between the hydrological cycle and soils, geomorphology, ecology, climate and land use. This deeper understanding informs our sector-focussed research programmes, and ultimately will lead to more effective interventions by water and land managers, industry and regulators alike.

CREWW also has the following strategies within its scope:

The University of Exeter's relevant expertise for the water sector: