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Flow cytometry analysers may only be used by those who have been trained by Cytomics staff.

Users who can demonstrate previous experience with similar analysers may not need full training but will still need an induction on how to use the Centre.

Operation times

Staff working hours: 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday

Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time for the support you may require.

Experienced users may also request out of hours use of the instruments. To discuss any out of hours work please email us:

Register on Clustermarket

All new researchers to the Centre for Cytomics are required to register on our online managing system, Clustermarket.

To register, email:

Access our data server

The Centre for Cytomics has a network server that is available for all users to store data for later processing at the Core or elsewhere.

Email us for access to the server:

Note: the server is for interim storage only. Data are NOT backed up, and the Centre for Cytomics is not responsible for any lost data!