We can offer advice on writing and designing your research poster.

Tips on creating a poster

When you are designing your poster you should consider these style tips and guidelines:

  • Remember your poster is a sales pitch. What do you want to say and who is your audience?
  • Keep your writing style fairly simple.
  • Minimise jargon.
  • Don’t have too much text.
  • Use eye-catching graphics to draw people in.
  • Avoid sharply contrasting colours and remember that up to 10 per cent of your audience could be colour blind.
  • Make sure the text can be read from at least a metre away.

When you are presenting you poster make sure that you:

  • Have A4 copies of your poster available for people to take away – this might be a longer, more text-based version.
  • Have your business card to hand.

For expert training sessions in ‘Using Posters to Communicate your Research’ please visit the following Researcher Development webpages:

Penryn (27 February 2017)
Exeter (6 March 2017)

For further advice not specific to using posters, but to networking and maximising your impact at a conference book onto ‘Making the Most of Conferences’:

Online WEBINAR (2 March 2017)

For any additional queries please contact the Researcher Development Team.