Improving children’s literacy through grammar

Published on: 30 October 2014

Research at the Centre for Research in Writing has shaped national and international policy, influenced classroom best practice and improved children’s writing abilities.

Professor Debra Myhill and colleagues at the Centre for Research in Writing look into the relationship between grammar and being a better writer. Their research has shown that using grammar as a tool to look at how language works can have a positive impact on children's written work.

An aim of the Centre is to promote collaborative research in writing. Professor Myhill and colleagues have worked collaboratively with teachers in Devon and the Midlands to create a pedagogy to use in the classroom. Working in partnership with teachers, they plan, observe and then reflect on the lesson to review the teaching methods and the effect on the pupils learning.

The Centre for Research in Writing has recently been awarded the Economic and Social Research Council Celebrating Impact Prize for Outstanding Impact in Society.

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