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Transforming Patient Care in Diabetes

Learn how developments in genomics are transforming our knowledge and treatment of conditions such as diabetes.


About the course

There have been huge advances in the field of genetics in the last 10 years since the sequencing of the first human genome in 2003. It is now possible to analyse all 20,000 human genes in a single experiment, rather than focussing on one gene at a time. We are in the genomics era.

This FREE online course will introduce the topic of genomics, using the University of Exeter's research expertise in diabetes, to illustrate the clinical application of current genomics knowledge.


Explore the impact of genomic testing

We will use patient experiences to discuss the impact and value of a genetic diagnosis for diabetes for patients, their families and the clinicians responsible for their care. You will learn about the value of understanding the underlying pathological mechanism of a disease, to enable the progression from genomic testing to improvements in clinical care.


Find out how genomics can inform us about disease risks

You will learn about: the different modes of inheritance for diabetes, including polygenic, monogenic, mitochondrial and epigenetic; the molecular basis of these inheritance patterns; and how this relates to risk for individuals, families and populations.


Understand the strategies for genomic testing

You will be taken through the process of discovering novel genetic mutations in the genome, including intergenic regions, previously thought to play a minor role in gene function. This will include thinking about the pattern of inheritance, to design a strategy for gene discovery, through to the latest laboratory techniques used for genomic sequencing.

There will also be an introduction to the bioinformatics resources and techniques used to interpret the wealth of genomic data generated by the techniques described. the world of work look like then?


This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about how the genomic era is changing medical science, including healthcare professionals, science undergraduates and non-specialists who just want to learn more about genomic medicine.


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The course runs every eight weeks, for four weeks at a time.


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Leading academics

"As we enter an age of unprecedented advances in genomic medicine, we're delighted to be able to share this cutting-edge world class research with you. Join us and find out more."

Prof Maggie Shepherd, Honorary Clinical Professor of Monogenic Diabetes

Understanding Genomics

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