Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal
No. 28 (October 2014)

Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online)

Editor: Paul Ernest




Margaret Walshaw and Roger Openshaw  Constructing the Female Mathematics Teacher: A New Zealand Historical Case Study
Katarina With and Yvette Solomon  Choosing Mathematics in Norway and England: Discourses of Gender, Equity and Choice
Lovisa Sumpter  Four Female Mathematicians’ Collective Narrative: Reasons to Leave Academia
Walter Whiteley  Differential Interest of Women among areas of Mathematics and Statistics
Jennifer Hall Unpacking ‘Gender Issues’ Research


Various Authors  Dialogue on 2+2=5, The Philosophy of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Elizabeth de Freitas and Nathalie Sinclair  The Politics of the Mathematic Aesthetic: Curricular Con(Sens)Us and Acts of Dissensus
Nataly Chesky  Policy and Praxis: An Ontological Study of U.S. Mathematics Education Discourses
Paul Ernest  Certainty in Mathematics: Is There a Problem?
Mary Briggs The ‘Right Baggage’ For Mathematics?
Alakanani Alex Nkhwalume  A Social Constructivist Perspective of Learning Mathematics in the African Context 
Lixin Luo  Recursion in the Mathematics Curriculum
Danielle Goodwin et al. Exploring the Relationship Between Teachers’ Images of Mathematics and their Mathematics History Knowledge
Bal Chandra Luitel   Culture, Worldview and Transformative Philosophy of Mathematics Education in Nepal: A Cultural-Philosophical Inquiry

 For details of the Aims of the Journal and Editorial policy see earlier issues up to no. 19.  Graduate students are warmly invited to submit coursework assignments and theses for inclusion in this journal, to make available otherwise inaccessible resources for the benefit of the research community in mathematics education and/or the philosophy of mathematics.    

Format of submissions: There are no strict guidelines – authors are requested to make their submissions look like published papers – especially the first page headers etc.

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