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Welcome to the Global Systems Institute



Our aim is to be thought-leading in understanding global changes, solving global challenges, and helping create a flourishing future world through transformative research, education, impact and engagement.

The Institute was born out of the recognition that humans are now a global force. We have started the Anthropocene and become collectively aware that we are transforming our planet. Rather than endlessly analysing the problems this creates, we seek to identify transformative solutions to the global challenges faced by humankind.

Our aims

  • To help achieve a flourishing future for humanity as an integral part of a life-sustaining Earth system. 
  • Unite a trans-disciplinary group of researchers, educators and partners to look beyond single ‘environmental’ issues to a truly systemic view of coupled global changes in the human sphere and the biosphere.
  • To better predict global changes through understanding the interactions between the climate, natural ecosystems, human social and economic systems, and the built environment.
  • To provide diverse stakeholders with an appraisal of the options to create a better future together.
  • Create innovative courses to train a new generation of sustainability leaders.
  • Establish an interconnected approach to researcheducation and impact, with engagement at its centre, and underpinned by core values.

Come and join us in creating a flourishing future together. 

Professor Tim Lenton, GSI Director