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Our Values

Approach and values

GSI is built around an interconnected approach to research, education and impact, with engagement at its centre. Our inaugural Retreat, involving academics from every campus and College, helped identify a suite of core values for the GSI that have shaped the new academic strategy and are becoming embedded in our approach: 

  • Co-production: We will co-produce knowledge with partners (including citizens), through an inclusive, deliberative and responsive process, developing new areas, debating, experimenting, and finding solutions.
  • Trust: We will be a trusting workplace and a trusted source of information to guide individuals, industry and policymakers in making better decisions.
  • Diversity: We will value the contribution of diverse disciplines and partners in solving complex sustainability problems through diverse methodologies, approaches and structures.
  • Integrity: We will embody our sustainability ideals in our work, operational practices and building.
  • Humility: We will be reflective on the role of science and evidence in shaping sustainable futures.
  • Openness: We will be open and inclusive in our research, education and impact activity.
  • Risk-taking: We will support risk-taking in pursuit of innovative and transformative solutions and seek out under-researched areas of societal concern, unbound by discipline or spatial scale.
  • Engagement: Global engagement will be embedded within our purpose, practices and people.
  • Creativity: We will build creative, innovative, transdisciplinary insights into environmental, ecological, social and economic processes for building sustainability.
  • Supportive: We will widen research, education and impact horizons across all career trajectories.