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Editorial statement and submission

Editorial statement and submission

Editorial statement:

Welcome to the Global Systems Institute Working Paper series. This series is a way for GSI researchers and our wider community of partners to make our work publicly available and encourage a broader conversation around our research. The GSI is about global and whole systems research, as well as complexity science and global sustainability, which provides a broad remit for our working paper series. We are looking for work which is relevant to both sustainability policy and sustainability science in general. All papers submitted will undergo a basic peer-review and screening, but not in as much detail as a journal submission. We invite submissions to two parallel series of papers:

 GSI policy briefing notes: this series publishes short papers that target a general audience of policymakers with clear policy-relevant messages intending to promote discussion. You can submit policy papers here under the GSI broader umbrella for policy messages relevant to sustainability. We invite inclusive, balanced analysis informed by science, empirical facts and data. The GSI need not necessarily agree with the message as a whole but we will not accept works of pure political or moral philosophy nature. We particularly welcome works of trans-disciplinary collaboration with policy actors, that are relevant to current policy perspectives and initiatives. Text must be accessible to a wider public readership.

 GSI scientific working papers: the scientific working paper series offers an opportunity to share papers in development with wider audiences, seek responses and help develop ideas before they are ready for submission to journals. We welcome here works of robust scientific analysis, and welcome particularly multidisciplinary collaborative pieces between the natural and social sciences. We encourage inclusivity, originality and thinking out of the box and beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries. We welcome works that are policy relevant, but they must not have as a sole goal the setting of a policy or political proposal.

Submission Process:

 1) You can submit your working paper to this email address (Please attach two documents with and without authors' details, in word or pdf format, please consult us for LaTeX):

 2) The editor(s) will handle the received papers and send to the reviewers (double-blind peer review)

 3) The reviewers will review and provide comment on the working papers

 4) Editors will send feedback and suggestions about the paper to the authors

 5) After the revision process, when the working paper is ready, it will be given a number, uploaded to the ORE repository (the paper will have a permanent link for citation) and linked to from the GSI website or