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Our research is solutions focused and we are committed to working with a wide range of partners. We believe that the more we create spaces for dialogue with diverse publics, the better we will be able to define questions and design ways of bringing about change.  From plastic reuse networks in the South West to regenerative ecology projects in Kenya we are working with local community groups and building networks to share and scale these up to different levels.

Global Citizen Engagement Network

One innovative mechanism we aim to build and evaluate is a Global Citizen Engagement Network. This network will grow both through bottom-up relationship building with regional and international partners and through the use of a bespoke engagement platform. The network will blend online and offline engagement, maximising the opportunity of each to deliver meaningful interactions at a global scale that substantively impact on research quality.


Artistic interpretation is one of the best ways to facilitate communication on a global scale. Our researchers are keen to collaborate with artists to find news ways of communicating and reaching diverse audiences. As part of her work with The Global Systems Institute (GSI) Tania Kovats worked with researchers for the launch of the institute. She delivered a workshop  exploring connections to global systems and a presentation looking at how everyone uses drawing. She also worked with researchers to develop Drawing Change GSI, an Instagram gallery of visual thinking. 

She says that ‘Drawing is a specific and unique form of expression that renders thought visible and external. Drawing Change celebrates the democratic nature of drawing that can make links through the thoughts and visualisations of scientists, engineers, environmentalists and artists. Drawing belongs to everyone.’ 

The gallery can be viewed here

Hannah Mumby's Creative Residency: Exploring engagement and co-production

Hannah Mumby is the GSI’s new appointed Creative Fellow. Hannah is an Exeter based illustrator with experience collaborating with charities, community interest companies, community groups and universities, to help them find ways to visually represent complex ideas and reveal new perspectives on the stories they are telling through their work and research. Over the next three months Hannah will help the GSI explore how to bring together expertise in tackling the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and other global challenges in horizontal ways with citizens, policy makers, business, and communities globally. Our shared goal is to jointly deliver a creative toolkit and effective approaches to foster coproduction.

"I am interested in stretching the definition of "illustration", to understand how this type of creative practice might facilitate meaning-making and reflection, within communities and collaborative projects. This residency is a unique opportunity for me to creatively engage with a community that contains a huge diversity of knowledge." 

 Hannah Mumby, GSI Creative Fellow