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Cornwall Museums Partnership initiates Black Lives Matter Action Plan

Cornwall Museums Partnership (CMP) – the independent charity that supports, represents and provides leadership for the county’s 70 museums – has created a Black Lives Matter Action Plan, and is inviting the public to contribute their thoughts and comments to ensure that it is a resource that people can use.

CMP’s stated purpose is to ‘create positive social change with museums’, and the Plan sets out the actions the charity is taking to make a positive contribution to racial equality by working in partnership with museums.

CMP is a sector-leading charity that is not afraid to think differently, and its ambition is to be recognised nationally and internationally as a pioneering model of collaborative leadership which promotes innovation and resilience in the museums' sector and beyond. A key part of this is to help museums to use their collections effectively to foster happy, healthy and prosperous communities where heritage is valued and celebrated.

You can contribute to the Action Plan here:

For more information about Cornwall Museums Partnership, visit the website here.