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Get Involved

The IDSAI run a range of workshops and and seminars for the Data Science and AI community and colleagues across all Colleges at the University.  All details of these events can be found on our Events page.

In addition, there are a number of regular opportunities to get involved through activities run by our Research Theme Leads:

Data Crunch
Organiser: Professor Sabina Leonelli
Research theme: Data Governance, Algorithms and Values
Details: These weekly 'breakfast meetings' are open to all and aim to discuss all aspects of data governance, ethics and epistemology. Each week there is an academic who leads the discussion in an area of their work. Volunteers to discuss their work are always welcomed.
When: Every Monday morning at 9am in term time, usually in La Touche at the Business School; currently by Zoom!
How to join: To join the mailling list for Data Crunch please email the IDSAI Team

Data Centric Engineering (DCE) Reading Group
Organiser: Professor Tim Dodwell
Research theme: Data for Science and Engineering
Details: The DCE community come together virtually to consider and discuss a paper that is proposed for each session.
When: Fortnightly on Monday mornings at 10am
How to join: To join, you can find the group on Teams here and you can find out more about the work of the Data Centric Engineering Group at Exeter at the Group's website.

Tea and Theory
Organiser: Dr Danny Williamson
Research theme: Foundations of Data Science
Details: Webinars are internal, given by Exeter researchers into the foundations, methods and algorithms underpinning data science, and can be anything from 30 mins to 1 hour. There is no need to give a formal set of polished slides either. Time is used to discuss the germs of idea, a problem you don’t know how to solve or even to show a finished piece of work. PhD students can present their work (as a viva warm up), PDRAs can present the results from their project, faculty can present the idea from that grant they just submitted!
When: Tuesday afternoons at 3pm
How to join: To join the mailing list for Tea and Theory please email the IDSAI Team