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Humanities, Heritage and Creative Industries

Humanities, Heritage and Creative Industries

Humanities, Heritage and Creative Industries Theme Lead Professor Leif Isaksen

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Our changing environment presents a series of inter-related challenges that will affect everyone’s future health, safety and prosperity. Environmental Intelligence is the integration of environmental and sustainability research with data science, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge digital technologies to provide the meaningful insight to address these challenges and mitigate the effects of environmental change.

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The University of Exeter (UoE) and the Met Office have launched a Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence. Environmental Intelligence (EI) is a new field of knowledge that exploits the explosion in Environmental data and the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence to create solutions to some of the most important challenges facing society today.

The Joint Centre provides a hub for cutting-edge research and training that builds on existing strengths both at the University of Exeter and the Met Office.  The Exeter-based Joint Centre of Excellence is spearheading the development of Environmental Intelligence and promoting the UK as a global trailblazer in this new field.

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Exeter's UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence: Data Science & AI for Sustainable Futures will pioneer new research in using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to understand the complex interactions between the environment, climate, natural ecosystems, human social and economic systems, and health. The increasing availability of large and complex data sets from diverse sources, including environmental monitoring; satellite remote sensing; climate modelling; electronic medical records; and social media and contributions from citizen science, presents and exceptional opportunity to transform our understanding of both the effects of environmental change and our planet-transforming power.

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