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IDSAI Theme Leads

The IDSAI theme leads build new communities and catalyse new interdisciplinary research activities in their areas. They are also a key point of liaison and information regarding the Alan Turing Institute.  

Information about each research theme area can be found here.


Lead Theme
Professor Tim Dodwell Data Centric Engineering 
Professor Sabina Leonelli Data Ethics, Governance and Openness
Dr Niccolo Tempini Data Ethics, Governance and Openness
Professor Leif Isaksen Humanities, Heritage and Creative Industries
Dr Federico Botta Urban Analytics
Lewys Brace Security and Policing
Professor Oliver Hauser Behavioural and Experimental Data Science
Dr Stefan Siegert Foundations of Data Science
Professor David Llewellyn Health
Eilis Hannon Health
Dr Lauren Rodgers Health
Dr Miriam Koschate-Reis Computational Social Science 
Dr Chico Camargo Computational Social Science 
Dr Massimo Stella Computational Social Science 
Chunbo Luo Remote Sensing 
Prof Gavin Shaddick Environmental Intelligence
Prof Hywel Williams Environmental Intelligence
Prof Danny Williamson Uncertainty Quantification
Prof Peter Challenor Uncertainty Quantification
Prof Ed Keedwell Trustworthy AI
Zhivko Zhelev Trustworthy AI
Ke Li Trustworthy AI
Wenjie Ruan Trustworthy AI