Research activity

A wide range of research is carried out under the Climate Change and Sustainable Futures theme with centres, groups and projects conducting ground-breaking research into the area.


Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC) The CEC focuses on organismal biology, with research highlights including key research on how telemore gaps affect lifespans.
Centre for Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics The Centre brings together leading researchers with interests in convection, rotating fluids and magnetic phenomena, with vital implications for climate change research.
Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) XCS is an innovative world leading centre that has led key research climate modelling, including hurricane clusters.
Peninsula Institute for Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE) A centre of excellence delivering world-class research and technology transfer in marine energy.


Earth System Science This group focuses on understanding the Earth as a system, with outputs including methods for identifying climate tipping points.
Environmental Biology Highlights of the group's work include key investigations into initiatives to tackle deforestation.
Environmental Change Cutting edge research into documenting past climate change, understanding glacial and ice sheet dynamics and understanding contemporary environments.
Renewable Energy The group have helped to speed up renewable energy testing and worked with local businesses to generate power.


Beyond Nimbyism This project aimed to understand public engagement with renewable energy technology (RET). It has produced a novel, inter-disciplinary conceptual framework for understanding public engagement with RET, disseminated through a project website, practitioner participants, project partners and related networks.
Grand Challenge This dilemma explored possible contributions to the management of climate change and discussed optimal mixes of mitigation, adaptation and geoengineering to stabilise climate and maximise human wellbeing.
G360 A project looking into how geoengineering could solve climate change challenges, including preventing drought in sub-Saharan Africa.
Wave Hub An offshore marine renewable energy facility for testing wave power technologies.