Research activity

A wide range of research is carried out under the Systems Biology theme. Centres, groups and projects have been created to carry out essential research into the area.

To find out more, please see our page on systems biology in the Biosciences department.


Centre for Systems, Dynamics and Control

The Centre for Systems, Dynamics and Control is a focus for interdisciplinary research on the modelling of complex systems, dynamical systems, control theory and their applications.

Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) Exeter Climate Systems is a world-leading centre for research at the frontier of mathematics/statistics and climate science.


Cellular and Chemical Biology The group's research provides fundamental knowledge, which helps to understand the molecular basis of diseases and the virulence of animal and plant pathogens. They have specific strengths in live-cell imaging, metallobiology, biological rythmicity and organelle dynamics, function and evolution.
Environmental Biology Key interests centre around the effects of environmental contaminants, including endocrine disrupting chemicals, pesticides, plasticizers, pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles on wildlife (including fish, mammals, birds and invertebrates) populations, and their underlying mechanisms of action.
Microbes and Disease The group has a strong focus on science which provides new approaches to disease control and work is ongoing to devise vaccines and antimicrobials for the prevention and treatment of disease.