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Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Remote sensing

Remote Sensing Theme Lead: Dr Chunbo Luo  with Dr Steven Palmer

Remote sensing focuses on the data, methods, technologies and applications that help address the challenges of our living planet. For example, remote sensing provides useful tools from satellites to unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor, predict and alarm natural disasters, many of which were caused by climate change.  
The breakthroughs in AI/ML are offering new methods for remote sensing. Challenges and opportunities are also emerging, for example, modelling and predicting long-term or extreme events, explainable model/model-free methods for remote sensing, stable data communication and wireless networking technologies, cooperative perception from multiple data sources.  
This theme will mainly advocate the following activities, for example, 
Seminars to share cutting-edge research on remote sensing and facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration; 
Help create project consortiums and arrange brainstorm workshops for funding opportunities from NERC, EPSRC, Royal Society, Horizon Europe etc.; 
A platform to connect industry and university for research collaboration and cut the barriers between external and internal communications. 

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