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Addressing Valuation of Energy & Nature Together (ADVENT)

The £2M NERC-funded Addressing Valuation of Energy & Nature Together (ADVENT) project, led by Professor Andrew Lovett at UEA, seeks to explore future UK low-carbon energy pathways and quantify what they would mean for natural capital and ecosystem services.

Professor Ian Bateman, Professor Brett Day, Dr Greg Smith and PhD student, Gemma Delafield, are developing a computer-based modelling platform to determine the combined impacts of all elements of a future energy pathway on natural capital and ecosystem service provision allowing for the whole-system evaluation of a pathway.

The spatially-disaggregated environmental and microeconomic model builds on UEA’s TIM (The Integrated Model) platform to allow for a spatially and temporally explicit exploration of the environmental impacts of different energy pathways in order to identify the optimal spatial configuration of energy infrastructure.