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The University of Exeter is a proud member of the Athena SWAN Charter.

Athena SWAN

Professor Nick Talbot’s message of support for Athena SWAN

As Chair of the Living Systems Executive Board I am pleased to continue to support and champion the work being carried out at the University in relation to the Athena SWAN Charter.

The Charter’s aim is to support and encourage Universities to work towards gender equality within STEM/M disciplines. At Exeter, STEM/M includes all subject disciplines within the Colleges of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences and the University of Exeter Medical School.

The University is a proud member of the Athena SWAN Charter and has held a Bronze institutional award since November 2011. All STEM/M departments at Exeter are committed to holding an Athena SWAN award and we are delighted to announce that in April 2015 Sport and Health Sciences, the combined departments of Geography and Biosciences at the Penryn Campus in Cornwall, and the University of Exeter Medical School achieved Silver Athena SWAN Awards: recognising the impact of their actions taken to remove barriers to and support the academic career progression of their female staff and students.  In addition, the departments of Geography, Biosciences, Psychology, and Mathematics and Computer Science achieved a Bronze Athena SWAN Award.

The beliefs underpinning the Charter are:

  • The advancement of science, engineering and technology is fundamental to quality of life across the globe.
  • It is vitally important that women are adequately represented in what has traditionally been, and is still, a male dominated area.
  • Science cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population, and until women and men can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.

All of the University's successful Athena SWAN applications are available to the public via the central Athena SWAN Awards page.