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Supporting the LSI

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Every day, researchers in the LSI use cutting-edge techniques and each other’s specialist knowledge to work on new discoveries that tackle the world’s deadliest diseases and some of the most pressing global health challenges of our day. At the forefront of interdisciplinary life science research in the UK, we seek to understand how disease operates; how to treat it and how to predict it in the future. We also teach and inspire the next generation of international scientists to work together across disciplines to solve future problems.

Support from alumni, non-alumni and trusts and foundations has proven crucial to the creation of the Living Systems Institute and our ambition of finding completely new means of tackling disease. The University is extremely grateful to all who have supported the LSI so far.

We offer a multitude of exciting opportunities for individuals and organisations to play a part in revolutionising the treatment of disease and to beat the forefront of this essential journey. Every donation counts and we thank you in advance for your support of the LSI.

We would also be delighted to discuss more bespoke partnering opportunities with anyone interested in making a change in how we tackle disease in the future.

With your help we have the potential to transform the world.

The University of Exeter has invested strategically to transform their research over the past decade and the Wolfson Foundation is pleased to have been able to fund a number of investments in capital infrastructure. The Wolfson Foundation is committed to supporting excellence and we are therefore delighted to have awarded a significant grant to the Living Systems Institute: an ambitious development underpinned by a novel and exciting academic strategy. We are pleased that the Institute is developing so well and hope other funders will also want to be part of this initiative.

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive, The Wolfson Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation is delighted to have made a substantial investment in The Living Systems Institute. We are excited to see the Institute developing well and hope that other supporters see the value of being part of this ambitious initiative.

Philippa Charles, Director, Garfield Weston Foundation