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Modelling living systems

We develop and analyse mathematical models of biological systems. The models embody theories for how fundamental mechanisms give rise to function and dysfunction. By analysing the dynamic behaviour of models and contrasting with real-world data, we can validate theories or generate novel predictions. Close interactions with Physics of Living Systems and Engineering Biology approaches drive advances in our comprehension of complex biological processes and facilitate the development of novel, data-driven methods for precision healthcare.

Grand challenges in this arena include:

  • how dynamics emerge in biological networks;
  • how complex models can be inferred and interpreted from data;
  • how to quantify uncertainty in data and model predictions;
  • how to reconcile processes at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Contributing research groups


Marc Goodfellow

Daniel Kattnig

Wolfram Moebius

Adam Monier

David Richards

Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova

Kirsty Wan

Kyle Wedgwood

Recent research projects

View recent modelling work from David Richards' group in this video.