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Charlotte Maberly

Research Technician (LSI)

 Living Systems Institute S01.01.24


Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QD


I started off my Undergraduate degree at the University of Southampton studying Biochemistry, with an interest in microbiology and molecular biology. I got the opportunity to do a Masters of Biological Sciences in Biomedical Science and completed a further research project with a focus in protein expression and molecular biology. After University I moved back to Devon and started working in the Clinical Microbiology Department at the RD&E Hospital. This expanded my interests in microbiology, particularly in viruses. After travelling around Central and South America for 6 months, I returned to Exeter and started working in the Moebius Group at the University of Exeter. I am now using bacteriophage T7 and E.coli to understand how the dynamics of a population can be influenced by environmental constraints, and how the characteristics of a population are changed with its evolution.


2010-2014: MBioSci in Biomedical Sciences, University of Southampton. (3 Years BSc in Biochemistry) 


June 2018-Present: Research Technician, Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter (Moebius Group)

July 2016- November 2017: Assistant Laboratory Technician, Microbiology Department, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Pre 2016: Not Scientifically Relavent





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