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Currently active PhD students

2017 Cohort

Ioannis Leontis

Ioannis Leontis

PhD project: The demonstration of room temperature (RT) quantum electrical analogues of optical elements and circuits

Supervisors: Prof Monica Craciun and Prof Saverio Russo

Peter Inzani

Peter Inzani

PhD project: Theoretical models of a new class of magneto-elastic metamaterials 

Supervisors: Prof Feodor Ogrin and Prof Andrew Gilbert

Shane Davies

Shane Davies

PhD project: Nanoscale patterning of interfaces for thermo-electrics

Supervisors: Dr Steve Hepplestone and Prof GP Srivastava

2018 Cohort 

Beth Staples

PhD project:Control of flow-induced near-field noise through the use of metasurfaces

Supervisors: Prof Alastair HibbinsProf Roy Sambles and Dr Alan Curtis

Connor Sait

PhD project: A quantum thermodynamic study to improve magnetic data storage

Supervisors: Prof Robert Hicken and Dr Paul Keatley

Conor Price

PhD project: Two-dimensional Metamaterial Batteries

Supervisors: Dr Steve Hepplestone, Prof Misha Portnoi and Prof Saverio Russo

Euan Humphreys

PhD project: The development of novel electronic and photonic metadevices for adaptive multispectral imaging in the infrared

Supervisors: Prof C. David Wright and Prof Jacopo Bertolotti

Hannah Barnard

PhD project: Nanoscale Infrared Biomolecule Spectroscopy (NIBS)

Supervisors: Prof Geoff Nash, Dr Jonathan Phillips and Dr Isaac Luxmoore

Ineta Grikalaite

PhD project: Terahertz photonic metadevices with carbon nanomaterials 

Supervisors: Dr Ana Neves and Dr Anna Baldycheva 

Joe Shields

PhD project: All dielectric phase-change metamaterial-based holography

Supervisors: Prof C. David WrightProf Jacopo Bertolotti and Dr Arseny Alexeev

Katie Lewis

PhD project: Advanced Magnetic Materials for Radio, Microwave and Millimetre-wave applications

Supervisors: Prof Alastair HibbinsProf Feodor Ogrin and Prof Roy Sambles

Konstantinos Othon Chatzimpaloglou

PhD project: Optical detection of magnetization dynamics induced by spin orbit torques

Supervisors: Prof Robert Hicken and Dr Paul Keatley

Rachel Lennon

PhD project: Towards flexible micro-endoscopy: compressive characterisation and control of light propagation through multi-mode optical fibres

Supervisors: Dr Dave Phillips and Prof Jacopo Bertolotti

SK Lavers

PhD project: Topological polaritons in atomically thin metasurfaces

Supervisors: Prof Saverio RussoDr Eros Mariani and Prof Bill Barnes

Valentin Haemmerli

PhD project: Ultrafast single photon sources

Supervisors: Dr Isaac Luxmoore and Prof Bill Barnes

2019 Cohort

Ed Baker

PhD project: Hybrid 2D Heterostructures for Energy Storage and other applications

Supervisors: Dr Steve Hepplestone and Prof Saverio Russo

James Laurenson

PhD project: To Model and Manipulate Material Scatter Effects to Control the Propagation of Electromagnetic Radiation

Supervisors: Prof Jacopo Bertolotti and Dr Simon Horsley

Joe Pady

PhD project: Chalcogenide-based memory and logic for flexible electronics applications 

Supervisors: Prof C. David Wright and Prof Monica Craciun

Joe Pitfield

PhD project: The Search for New Materials: Using Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Modelling to Predict New Material Structures and Phases in Constrained Systems 

Supervisors: Dr Steve Hepplestone and Prof Misha Portnoi

Joshua Glasbey

PhD project: Manipulating the Coupling and Scattering between Surface Waves and Plane Waves on Metasurfaces and at their Discontinuities

Supervisors: Prof Alastair HibbinsProf Roy Sambles and Prof. Richard Craster

Leanne Stanfield

PhD project: Antenna efficiency and match manipulation using metamaterials

Supervisors: Prof Alastair HibbinsProf Roy Sambles and Dr James Dalley

William Borrows

PhD project: New materials and structures that control the propagation of acoustic radiation

Supervisors: Dr Steve Hepplestone and Dr David Horsell

2020 Cohort

Dan Moore

PhD project: Making the world sound better – acoustic metamaterials for manipulating sound in air and underwater

Supervisors:  Prof Alastair Hibbins and Prof Roy Sambles

George Braid

PhD project: Laser implosion fusion for clean energy generation

Supervisors: Prof C. David Wright and Prof Jacopo Bertolotti

Jenner Gudge-Brooke

PhD project: Miniaturised helical antennas for superdirectivity

Supervisors: Prof Alastair Hibbins and Prof Roy Sambles

Kyle Arnold

PhD project: Artificial Magnetic Conductor Surfaces for Conformal Antenna Design

Supervisors: Prof Alastair Hibbins and Prof Roy Sambles

2021 Cohort

Charlie Patrickson

PhD Project: Spin Qubits in 2D Materials

Supervisors: Dr Isaac Luxmoore and Prof Geoff Nash

Jonathon Smith

PhD Project: Next Generation metasurfaces: tensorial surfaces for novel antenna functionality

Supervisors: Prof Alastair HibbinsDr Simon Horsley and Dr Ian Hooper

Stuart Kendall

PhD Project: Active optical metasurfaces for AI-based photonic computing

Supervisors: Prof C. David Wright and Prof Jacopo Bertolotti

2022 Cohort

Ben Scott

PhD Project: Self-actuating surfaces for tunable microwave metamaterials

Supervisors: Dr Alex Powell and Prof Ken Evans

Eloise Lee

PhD Project: All-optical modulation for optical computation and imaging

Supervisors: Prof Euan Hendry and Prof Rob Hicken

Kieran Cowan

PhD Project: Retrodirective Metamaterials for Long-Range Identification and Sensing

Supervisors: Dr Alex Powell and Prof Alastair Hibbins

Philip Skelland

PhD Project: Hydroacoustic Metamaterials for Focusing and Filtering Underwater Sound

Supervisors: Prof Alastair Hibbins and Dr Tim Starkey