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Tom Jordan and Jesse Wilson, graduates from Exeter, have secured investment for their innovative beer.

From a University ski trip to securing investment for a new beer brand

Tom Jordan and Jesse Wilson, friends and graduates from the University of Exeter, have secured investment for Jubël, their unique and innovative beer.

Jubël bridges the gap between bland beers and super sweet ciders as a natural peach lager, and at 4 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV) it is refreshing, easy-drinking, and perfectly balanced. The duo have already received significant investment from a private investor alongside grant funding from the University for interns to further the company’s sales and marketing presence. Most recently, Jubël have been shortlisted for the prestigious Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award, a business pitching competition aimed at giving a financial boost to student and graduate business ventures, with the opportunity to receive up to £25,000 of support.

Speaking of the recent investment and nomination, co-founder, Jesse Wilson said: “We are thrilled with the progress we’ve been able to make. Just couple of years ago, Tom and I were catching up over a pint and jokingly said, why don’t we launch our own beer? Now we have two major distributors on-board, we’re doing production runs of 30,000 bottles, and hitting pubs and bars across the South West. The feedback, support and encouragement we’re getting has been amazing.”

Jubël was born in the Alps at an après ski bar when co-founders Tom and Jesse discovered a popular beer tradition known locally as demi-pèche. Finding nothing like it back home they decided to bring peach to the people and quit their jobs to launch the beer, brand and business in Cornwall.

The team sought advice from Joe Pearce and the SETsquared Exeter team who were able to provide direction and support to Jesse and Tom asking crucial questions about business plans, market research, distributors and suppliers alongside access to finance via grant funding and the Santander awards. Joe Pearce said “Jesse and Tom have shown the essential commitment and passion to develop their business idea, starting by proving their market with their first run of Jubël last year at festivals and events. That research activity and the knowledge it gave them of their clients and the marketplace has enabled Jesse and Tom to position Jubël correctly and secure the initial investment. It is great to see Exeter graduates applying such energy and enthusiasm as well as good business practice to grow their startup.”

Jesse explained how Jubël opens up a whole new market in the alcoholic drinks industry. He said: “Industry trends suggest that the new category Jubël represents between lager and cider will be worth more than £250m over the next few years. We intend to drive Jubël forwards as a great tasting product, premium brand and establish our place as the first mover in this market.”

Revealing his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, Jesse’s passion was evident. He said: “My top three tips are to be confident, to experience and to network. Anything is possible with the right drive and support, planning is important but nothing beats just getting out there and going for it, you’ll learn so much more that way. Also, testing your ideas, building networks and forging relationships are vital to growth and development; don’t be shy.”

Jubël will join fellow Exeter graduates, Kalkidan Legesse and Vidmantas Markevicius from Sanchos Dress at the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award semi-finals held at Middlesex University on 26 June.

Date: 30 May 2017

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