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Minibems offer a holistic control and monitoring platform.

New energy saving clients to host Thought Leadership Event

Minibems, who offer a holistic control and monitoring platform, delivering significant energy and carbon reductions in complex heat network environments, are one of the latest clients to join the community at the Innovation Centre.

Using cloud-based technology, Minibems identifies and utilises opportunities to reduce energy consumption and fuel bills.  The technology can achieve over 25 per cent energy savings and carbon reductions. Following several years of intense research and development, Minibems has received over £600,000 of funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change, Innovate UK and Shell.

The Minibems team already have strong links to the Innovation Centre and the University of Exeter including collaborating with Mr Anthony Norton, Director of the Centre for Energy and the Environment.

Commenting on his teams’ move and existing partnerships at the University, Finian Parrick, MD of Minibems said: "our recent move to the Innovation Centre has brought us closer to like-minded businesses and a range of high calibre facilities and business support. Our proximity to the University brings another wealth of knowledge and understanding in the form of academics and research facilities to help grow and nourish our businesses.”

Most recently, the Minibems team have partnered with Midas and IU Energy to host a unique Thought Leadership Event featuring experts in the field of energy saving solutions.  Presentations will include: "Why do we value engineer the energy saving elements out of large projects?" featuring Jonathan Davis of Midas Energy, "The benefits of slowing everything down, variable volume control in the built environment" with Finian Parrick of Minibems and "Market pressures on commercial energy costs" by Duncan Banks of IU Energy.

The event is particularly suitable for Facility and Property Managers, Consulting and Building Services Engineers and will focus on the latest technology trends, carbon and energy savings opportunities including the best performing technologies for existing commercial buildings and new builds.

Finian Parrick, MD of Minibems revealed his hopes for the upcoming event: “I hope this event will provide continuing professional development for Facility and Property Managers, Consulting and Building Services Engineers by discussing the latest technology trends, carbon and energy saving opportunities and the best performing technologies for existing commercial buildings and new builds."

Jonathan Davis of Midas Energy works to promote the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in both new build and retro fit projects across the Midas Group. He explains that cost reduction engineering in the design phase can be short sited: “Often clients are capex focussed and forget the cost of ownership and operation. If you are responsible for picking up those costs on completion we can help you to keep the good stuff in the specification."

Duncan Banks of IU Energy summarised the benefits of working with Midas and Minibems and his hopes for the impact of the event: “The combination of IU energy’s design and heating installations integrated with Minibems control systems has a direct positive impact on the client’s energy operating costs beyond those normally achieved.

This solutions based approach to energy reduction is reinforced by the partnering with Midas Energy providing the client with smart control of the heating system.

We hope that those attending will better understand options for energy reduction in their businesses, particularly when considering heating.”

The event will take place on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 from 08:00 to 10:00 at the Innovation Centre. For more information and to register please visit the Eventbrite page.

Date: 23 February 2017

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