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A landmark translational research project called the Windows of Hope project, led by researchers from the University of Exeter, has defined more than 150 different genetic disorders in North American Anabaptist (Amish/Mennonite) communities, more than 25 of which are new to medical science.

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credit Olkan Erguler

Turtle tracking reveals key feeding grounds

Loggerhead turtles feed in the same places year after year – meaning key locations should be protected, researchers say.

Anne Chevallereau

Autoimmunity may explain why an important immune system is absent in many bacteria

New findings from University of Exeter researchers reveal how bacterial immune systems can be harmful for their hosts and explain why they are not found in many bacteria.

Poor mental health “both cause and effect” of school exclusion

Children with mental health needs require urgent support from primary school onwards to avoid exclusion, which can be both cause and effect of poor mental health, new research concludes.


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The Grandkids aren't alright: The intergenerational Effects of Prenatal Pollution Exposure
LEEP seminar series

IDSAI Seminar - Dr Adam Sobey: The underrated importance of diversity in Genetic Algorithms
Open to University of Exeter staff and students

Introduction to Research Ethics Review
Induction to Research Ethics Committees

IP and Commercialisation
Part of the 'Impact Academy' series from IIB

Global Challenges Research Fund
An overview and the future directions of the GCRF Food Systems and Gender portfolio

Data Visualisation Workshop (external)
How to effectively communicate with your data - a workshop delivered by Dan Isaac FCCA