Partnership in focus

We work closely with numerous organisations. Find out more about some of our high-profile partnerships below.

PenCLAHRC: Putting training into practice

Partnership in focus: March 2017
By investing in skills development, PenCLAHRC is helping NHS staff use latest research and technology.
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Building partnerships to protect fish stocks

Partnership in focus: December 2016
Find out how research into warming seas has led to a partnership which is changing the way we fish.
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PenCLAHRC: Evidence based design

Partnership in focus: August 2016
PenCHORD's computer modelling helps the Devon Partnership Trust slash waiting times.
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The University of the Third Age

Partnership in focus: July 2016
University of Exeter and the University of the Third Age strengthen their connection with MoU.
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Digital Health Research

Partnership in focus: June 2016
Research initiative in Cornwall is using mobile technology to transform the treatment of ménière’s disease.
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Improving sensory experiences for older people

Partnership in focus: May 2016
The Sensory Trust and European Centre for Environment and Human Health collaborate.
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Greenpeace oil water


Partnership in focus :April 2016
Find out more about international organisation organisation Greenpeace's University of Exeter laboratories.
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PenCLAHRC: Transforming teaching

Partnership in focus: February 2016
PenCLAHRC research gives teachers the skills to boost pupil performance.
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Object stories: Working with partners based on campus

Partnership in focus: December 2015
Find out how Exeter academics work with partners based on campus.
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Virtual Jet Centre

Partnership in focus: October 2015
How the University of Exeter is working with the Virtual Jet Centre on a team management programme.
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PenCLAHRC - Patient initiated clinics

Partnership in focus: November 2015
Find out how patient initiated clinics benefit those with long term conditions.
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Working with multiple partners to create a different world in 2050

Partnership in focus: August 2015
Working in partnership doesn’t need to just involve one partner.
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The first peek inside the Science Park Centre

Partnership in focus: April 2015
Get a sneaky first look inside the Science Park Centre.
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Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Partnership in focus: March 2015
We are working with Dstl on disease prevention and treatment.
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Volunteer Cornwall

Partnership in focus: February 2015
Volunteer Cornwall is working in partnership with the University of Exeter to help build resilient communities.
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QinetiQ archive


Partnership in focus: December 2014
A partnership with QinetiQ is developing technology to fight counterfeiting.
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Partnership in focus: November 2014
A partnership between myClinicalOutcomes and ECEHH has developed an app for patients with AS.
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Theta Technologies

Partnership in focus: October 2014
One man’s Exeter PhD led to the development of a company and an ongoing relationship with the University.
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Eden Project

Partnership in focus: October 2014
We are formally strengthening our links with the Eden Project.
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Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

Partnership in focus: August 2014
Find out how a partnership with The RAMM is helping people engage with historical information.
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Partnership in focus: June 2014
A partnership with AstraZeneca is looking at how cancer cells become resistant to some drugs.
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A&P Falmouth

Partnership in focus: April 2014
A partnership with A&P Falmouth has produced business and research benefits.
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Met Office

Partnership in focus: March 2014
Our climate research with the Met Office covers a wide range of themes and areas.
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Tate Art Maps project

Partnership in focus: February 2014
A partnership with Tate Gallery develops an app which can help you explore over 70,000 artworks
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Partnership in focus: January 2014
Find out about our environmental research with DEFRA.
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Rugby Football Union

Partnership in focus: December 2013
Find out how our research changed rugby for youngsters.
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Partnership in focus: November 2013
Find out how Shell and the University are solving global fuel problems.
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Partnership in focus: November 2013
A partnership between University of Exeter and the NHS delivers change to clinical practices.
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Sea Communications

Partnership in focus: October 2013 How the European Centre for the Environment and Human Health worked with Sea Communications to develop an app.
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Partnership in focus: September 2013
We're working with IBM to solve the world's greatest challenges.
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Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Partnership in focus: September 2013
PML and the University are working together to solve key research challenges.
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WWF Climate Savers

Partnership in focus: July 2013
Implementing environmental initiatives in China with the World Wildlife Fund.
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Coca Cola Enterprises

Partnership in focus: April 2013
Working with Coca Cola Enterprises to better understand recycling decision making.
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HR Wallingford

Partnership in focus: November 2012
Our academics helped HR Wallingford improve their flood modelling framework.
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