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The Exeter Microfluidics Network

Launch meeting of the Exeter Microfluidics Network

Across the University of Exeter, there are an increasing number of research groups either already using or planning to use microfluidic methods in their research. To strengthen the expertise and microfluidics user base at the University, as part of the Quantitative Health Network, we are launching the Exeter Microfluidics Network, which has the following aims:

  1. Bring together people who works with design, microfabrication and the use of microfluidics, as potential sources of ideas, advice and resources
  2. Provide points of contact for anyone thinking of adopting microfluidics in their research
  3. Provide resilience and support for on-going projects
  4. Identify opportunities and efficiencies on space and equipment
  5. Give a voice to the community
  6. Cite the Network as a University strength in grant applications

We are holding a launch meeting on Monday 8th March at 10.00–12.00, at which four of the current microfluidics users - Frank Vollmer, Fabrice Gielen, Jehangir Cama and Alex Brand - will give short talks on how microfluidics is helping to address their research questions. These will be followed by an informal open-floor discussion/Q&A session led by Stefano Pagliara and Remy Chait.

Date: 19 February 2021