Professor Michelle Ryan

Published on: 24 June 2016

Find out how Professor Michelle Ryan was affected by stage fright and what helped her to overcome her fear.

In this video, Professor Ryan explains her research into work-life balance and the Glass Cliff; the academic, who topped the TEDx playlist, also reveals her dislike of public speaking.

Professor Ryan is currently collaborating with colleagues on a project examining the role of identity in understanding work-life balance. Working closely with a range of organisations including EY, Ashfords law firm, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, she is examining how individuals may not only have to balance the time they spend at work and at home, but also who they are at work and who they are at home.

Initial research suggests that interventions that can promote identities that are complementary rather than conflictual will facilitate work-life balance.

Professor Ryan is Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, in addition to being Dean of Postgraduate Research and Director of the University of Exeter Doctoral College. In January 2016, her TEDx talk on the ambition for a work-life balance topped the TEDx YouTube playlist of talks on the way we work.

The talk, which took place at TEDx Exeter 2015, has currently been viewed over 119,000 times.

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