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The University of Exeter blogging service covers all aspects of the University of Exeter, including campus life, our students' experiences, technical and academic matters and more. Here we feature a selection.

Campus life

The Exeter blog

Students' blog

Students as Change Agents

Exeter Central Asian Studies Network

Reed Hall

Accommodation - University living


CareerZone blog

Matthew Rusk - Student Entrepreneur in Residence

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Education Matters

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Africa fieldcourses

Systems Biology

Researching Antarctica's past climate

The 4th Domain - Synthetic Biology on the web


Women in Surgery

College of Humanities

The Humanities blog

Art History and Visual Culture

Stoicism Today

Ancient Healthcare and Modern Wellbeing


Digging Roman Devon

Reconfiguring the Canon of Twentieth Century Russian Poetry

Spectacular Attractions

Politics of Place

War Poetry

Special Collections

College of Social Sciences and International Studies

The Small Places

MEd Creative Arts Careers

The Strategy blog

University of Exeter Business School

The Business of Leadership - Morgen Witzel

Economically Speaking

Nemode (New Economic Models in the Digital Economy)

InstED (Institutions and Economic Development)

In Business we blog Industrial work placement student blog

Governance of Financial Innovation

Eco-innovation at the bottom of the pyramid

University of Exeter Medical School

Collaborate - Bringing together staff, students and employers to create employability focused assessments enhanced by technology

Doctoral College

Doctoral College


Library news


IT and technical

Academic Systems

Project CRIATE (Course Related Information AT Exeter)

Open Exeter: Human Factors in Research Data Management

CASCADE - Cascading Research-like Digital Literacy Skills at Exeter

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