The Resnet Tender Team

Outstanding Value for Money/Best Cost Saving Idea

Resnet Tender Team

In early 2012 Exeter IT and Campus Services undertook to review the way in which the IT network and services in the Halls of Residences were provided, as it was felt that our infrastructure and services were no longer able to meet student expectations. As a result, the team embarked on a tender process to look for an external supplier who would be able to futureproof the technology and install Wi-fi. 

The process was extremely demanding, taking 9 months with numerous supplier meetings and site visits, both to current housing stock providers and potential partners.

The resulting contract has ensured that we have additional “wrap-around” services such as 24/7 support and internet TV available for the students and that our contract can flex with the uncertainties of the student housing market. Wireless capability, which would have cost in the region of £1M for the University to install, is being provided as part of the contract and capacity for growth is inbuilt. With the increased demand from students who now carry up to 5 personal devices, particularly for wireless, this provision puts the University in a very resilient position for the future.