The Roddy Ross Award for Innovation

An award for an individual or team who have shown great creativity and innovation to develop a new way of working.

The shortlisted nominees in this category are:

Rebecca Adams

Strategic Partnerships Manager (CEMPS), Innovation, Impact, and Business

Rebecca Adams has been nominated because:

  • She is driving commercialisation for the College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences, by working to diversity and increase income.
  • She has delivered multiple projects and events for the College including marketing projects, industry scholarships, academic partnerships, and events.
  • Her work is already leading to exciting new potential strategic relationships.

Key quote from a nominator:

“All the activity Rebecca delivers enhances the University’s profile and reputation with industry; raising awareness of our excellent teaching and research and opportunities to collaborate, supporting delivery of impact case studies, as well as income generation to enhance the bottom line. Rebecca’s creativity and ability to think differently about a task ensures innovation and her actions and behaviours perfectly reflect the University’s values.”

Learning Spaces Support team

The Learning Spaces Support team have been nominated because:

  • They have reviewed how to deliver AV support to teaching spaces using the Dedicated Remote Support service.
  • The new service provides an immediate response to faults and savings in staff time; one technician can now support 3.5 more rooms.
  • The Learning Spaces teams scoped technical concepts, implemented new working practices, and upgraded an additional 80 rooms.

Key quote from a nominator:

“The team have received great feedback from users - 'remote support in the Old Library worked perfectly, thank you!' and 'I attended a video conference that didn't have a technician in the room, they rang through, it worked really well - I was impressed!'"

Internal Communications team - Rumourbuster

Rumourbuster has been nominated because:

  • It is a new online service where staff can submit a question and receive an authoritative response from senior managers.
  • The channel enables staff to raise concerns and receive transparent responses. More than 240 rumours have been busted so far.
  • The web page ranks in the top three most viewed staff pages.

Key quote from a nominator:

“Rumourbuster is a great example of Professional Services teams working together… Positive feedback has included: “Rumourbuster is working and is a sign of an open management style”; Trade Unions say “[Rumourbuster provides] ‘straight answers to challenging questions”

Cornwall Education Services

Cornwall Education Services have been nominated because:

  • The team voluntarily embarked on a transformation programme ahead of the institution, seeking to create an improved and efficient student service.
  • The streamlined service has seen an increase in satisfaction and service from academics and students.

Key quote from a nominator:

“They sought to create an improved, more consistent, and more efficient student service by pooling resources and sharing best practice. From the beginning, they recognised the challenges involved in bringing together multiple colleges with different ways of doing things, but they calmly and patiently persevered and have successfully created a single integrated team without disrupting any provision of service to staff or students."

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