Wellbeing Award

An award to recognise a colleague or team who have championed staff or student wellbeing.

The shortlisted nominees in this category are:

Admissions Wellbeing team

The Admissions Wellbeing team have been nominated because:

  • They work within the wider Admissions service to ensure staff wellbeing and resilience, especially through periods which can be busy.
  • The team have organised a wide range of activities (e.g. yoga, dress down days, health checks, table tennis), giving up their own time to support colleagues.
  • Their support has raised enthusiasm and co-operative working, helping some colleagues through challenging times.

Key quote from a nominator:

“The impact of the wellbeing initiative has brought the team together, making team members think about their roles and responsibilities in relation to their own health and the health of others, how the choices we make can make a difference. The morale has increased directly as a result of the time and activities provided, with supporting each other becoming a real theme.”

Laura Baxter

Senior Student and Education Services Assistant, Education and Student Experience

Laura Baxter has been nominated because:

  • She is solely responsible for the Business School’s mitigation process, dealing with 630 applications in the past year.
  • She is a vital contact for students with health or personal problems, always making herself available despite a busy workload.
  • She is studying in her spare time to increase her knowledge and provide the best service she can.

Key quote from a nominator:

“Laura has helped countless students in the Business School with often very complex issues. She has a network of contacts internal and external to the University, ensuring that each student receives the most immediate and relevant support for their needs. Her contribution to the student experience is the type that can sometimes be overlooked, but in my opinion is absolutely key to student wellbeing and to the success of the University.”

Susan Margetts

Administrator (Programme Support – Theology), Education and Student Experience

Susan Margetts has been nominated because:

  • Colleagues recognised her welcoming attitude towards all students and special care of international students.
  • The department was ranked top in this year’s National Student Survey, which colleagues attribute to Susan’s work.
  • Susan provides an outstanding level of support to students from before their University studies, to completion.

Key quote from a nominator:

“It is in no small part thanks to Susan that Theology and Religion consistently do well in NSS. From the time they apply to University, Susan has clocked their name and knows their story and at once they feel personally engaged. Susan always goes above and beyond the call of duty for students, and they in turn see her as the first point of call for their troubles. She is always ready with an open door, a listening ear, kindly smile and a cup of tea.”

Louise Misselbrook

Events Officer, Communication and Marketing Services

Louise Misselbrook has been nominated because:

  • She led on the Staff Life Festival in Penryn, spearheading the project to ensure a successful event was delivered.
  • This year’s event took feedback into consideration, ensuring it would be appealing to a wider range of visitors.
  • Excellent feedback was received, with the highest ever turnout.

Key quote from a nominator:

“Word quickly spread about the quality of the event, encouraging our highest ever turnout; many attendees took to social media to compliment the event and express their appreciation of the break from work. It was an excellent opportunity for staff to reclaim some personal time during the workday and improve their wellbeing by having fun, socialising, and learning about new ways to increase work-life balance.

Catriona Bell

Student Support Officer, Education and Student Experience

Catriona Bell has nominated because:

  • She deals with a wide range of disciplinary and welfare issues in her role, demonstrating an excellent work ethic.
  • She is a calm, but hard-working member of staff who works tirelessly to support students, with empathy.
  • She is the only person working in Penryn with this remit.

Key quote from a nominator:

“Catriona works closely with other teams to support both students on the ground, whilst also being on call for incident responses for staff and students on field trips - of which there were several cases in this past year.  She is calm under pressure and a true shining star.”

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