Charlotte Tupman

Digital Humanities Developer, HUMS

Charlotte has worked tirelessly to build up ties with the academic community and demonstrate how new Digital Humanities methods can help their research. She juggles projects that strengthen ties to local and institutional partners, increase the university's academic standing, and enhance the participants' skillsets. She also finds the time to meet potential PhD students to advise on their proposals. Not only does she do all this, but works with an infectious enthusiasm and real joy in what she does.

Rebecca Takeda Frost

Student Experience & Employability Officer, CEMPS

Rebecca has been nominated because she has continually strived to push herself and others within the Student Experience and Employability team in CEMPS Penryn to deliver an exceptional service to both students and academic staff. Rebecca relishes the opportunity to take herself out of her comfort zone in order to progress which was seen when she made a strong case to take on the line management responsibility to support the GBP's and to enhance her management skills. Finally, through her learning from LTHE, Rebecca has been able to bring in more interactivity to her work and allow students to assess their prior learning and where they are in terms of the placement search.

Helen Bell

Research Manager, Research Services

Helen has been nominated for her exceptional work leading to record-breaking activity (150%+ in both research applications and awards for UEBS against PRG target) in her first full year of being a Research Manager and also for her professional growth in the last 12 months. Her breadth of knowledge of input has been invaluable to colleagues in UEBS who are critical to the University’s goal to be a Global top 100. Helen played a full part in UEBS' PRG PGR forecasts, which were included in the research submission for the first time in 2017 and her PGR forecasting tool which she had previously developed was used. In addition to this, Helen has worked tirelessly on countless other projects and is always happy to help other colleagues wherever possible.