Andy Robinson

Taught Programme Support Manager, CLES

Andy has been nominated because he consistently strives to work more effectively and efficiently, be more productive, and have a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness at work. Andy is a firm believer in team work, sharing experiences, views, and expertise across academic disciplines and PS directorates so that we can find novel approaches to similar problems while also establishing and sharing best practice. He rarely, if ever, suggests that something is impossible; he is the sort of person who is willing to tackle any challenge. Andy deserves this award because he sets an impressive example for colleagues by acting generously and selflessly, providing both personal and professional support during hard times, showing his willingness to take on large and difficult projects, and always maintaining good cheer and positivity. Finally, the impact of Andy’s work has been felt far and wide across the University.

Rebecca Adams and Jonathon Critchley


Rebecca and Jonathon have been nominated because they have given a huge impetus to industry facing activities in EMPS, and have supported the development of the College's strategies with a huge energy, professionalism and enthusiasm. Their quality support from Rebecca and Jonnie has helped to implement an array of projects such as setting up a number of new Degree Apprenticeship programmes in Digital & Tech Solutions, helping develop the I Mech E Christmas Lecture series and helping to kick off marketing and communications to industry for the College, which simply has not existed previously. From the College's point of view, it is necessary to have full collaboration with IIB and RS, which thanks to Rebecca and Jonnie is done to an outstanding degree.

Gemma Bartlett

Communications and Marketing Officer, CaMS/SSIS

Gemma has been nominated because of her consistently supportive approach, often at extremely busy times, and her natural willingness to regularly go the extra mile. She is an inspirational colleague and a truly valued member of the team who has an incredible work ethic. Since December 2015, Gemma has received 16 Above and Beyond nominations from a number of academic and senior PS colleagues which shows what a difference she's made to her immediate team, as well as her colleagues in general and the wider university. She has a natural ability to create effective working relationships with colleagues that she meets at the University, and is usually the go-to person if there is a question about something.