The Roddy Ross Award for Innovation

Charlotte Bailey

Education and Student Experience

Charlotte has been nominated for her work on creating atool for GCSE lessons for schools within Cornwall. Her 'lessons in a box' are wonderfully innovative and thoroughly engaging. Charlotte’s work has made a huge difference to the workload of teachers who can borrow a lesson box; to students who can think about MacBeth, the life of our Bees or Renewable Energy in a whole new way, and to the profile of the University in the local school community. Her work is creative, relevant and innovative and she's does it all on her own. She is quiet and unassuming and her work deserves to be widely recognised.

Anne-Marie Baker, Dorcas Cowan, Kitty Adhamy-Nichol, Helen Booker, Sophie Sinclair-Brown, Natalie Hewitt

Equality and Diversity

The Inclusivity and Wellbeing team have been nominated because for a number of years they have been supporting the University’s work in achieving Athena Swan Bronze and Silver awards, carrying out submissions under Stonewall, improving compliance to Equality and Diversity mandatory training and supporting pride, international women's day and many more international celebrations. The teams constantly strive to create an inclusive working environment, where colleagues can thrive, develop and succeed. The inclusivity toolkit that they created aim was to provide our employees and students with an online toolkit and information hub covering all aspects of equality and diversity in one place and to promote and showcase best practice for all elements of equality and diversity.

Rebecca Adams and Jonathon Critchley


Rebecca and Jonathon have been nominated for their superb and innovative collaborative work undertaken in support of Degree Apprenticeships this year. This has been an entirely new area of activity, with a steep learning curve and has required collaboration with various stakeholders. They have worked tirelessly, enthusiastically and very effectively, and we would not be in a position to offer our BSc Digital Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship programme nor be close to launch a second programme with a key strategic partner without the exceptional work undertaken by Rebecca and Jonathon. Their work has contributed to the University’s reputation for innovation, strategic partnerships and diversification of teaching income.