Frequently asked questions

Above and Beyond is an online recognition tool accessed via the Current Staff website. It offers a quick and easy way to instantly recognise employees that have gone above and beyond.

Everyone will have access to the system.  The system allows staff to search for their colleagues, make nominations, send thank-you cards, and redeem their awards all in one place.

There will also be an offline nomination and redemption process for those staff that do not have regular access to computers.

We want recognition and reward to be accessible to all, with employees having realistic but ambitious goals.

All recognition will be aligned to the new University values:

  • Ambition
  • Collaboration
  • Challenge
  • Community
  • Impact
  • Rigour
  • Inclusivity

Those that receive recognition will be role models of these values. We want to recognise activities and behaviours that make a significant contribution to the University’s success and really drive the University Strategy forward. Additionally, they should have a positive effect at the local level really helping the College or Service achieve their goals and ambitions.

To gain recognition you must have gone above and beyond what is typically expected in your day-to-day role. You need to have made a difference resulting in a great positive effect on your team, department or College/Service. Going above and beyond can be described as:

  • adding value;
  • going the extra mile;
  • helping others in ways that are an inspiration;
  • moving mountains to achieve the best outcome;
  • proactively delivering a better quality of service to students/colleagues/external partners etc that exceeds their needs and expectations.

Everyday examples and situations of colleagues going above and beyond and really living the University Values will be showcased on the Above and Beyond’s online portal.

All University staff in grades B to H will be eligible for recognition and reward through Above and Beyond. The scheme encourages both individual and team recognition.

Above and Beyond is accessible to all permanent and fixed term contract staff irrespective of their contractual status or length of service. However, it is not available to individuals engaged solely on a fees or claims basis (including the Temporary Staff Bank), Graduate Teaching Fellows and externally paid staff.

There is no link between the Above and Beyond recognition scheme and Contribution Points. The two reward mechanisms are entirely separate.

  • If you receive a Bronze award this will be in the form of points that you can redeem on the Above and Beyond portal – the receiver will NOT pay tax or NI on these awards. The University has agreed to pay the tax and National Insurance liability on these awards on behalf of the employee, meaning that the recipient will also be able to enjoy the full value of the award.
  • If you receive a Silver or Gold cash award then this will be paid as part of your monthly pay and they WILL be subject to tax and NI.

The Above and Beyond reward scheme is split into voucher or cash amounts depending on which type of reward is being given.

The Bronze award (£25, £50, £100, £250, £500) is made through the online portal by managers (who are Above and Beyond budget holders) via a nominations process. Each recipient of these awards gets to convert the monetary amount into a voucher of their own choosing, which is then sent to them in the post or as an online voucher. This award is not paid as a cash amount to the recipient but still has tax implications, the University is absorbing the tax and NI charges that will be made so that the voucher can be paid in full.

Silver awards (£750, £1000, £2000, £3000 and £4000 - provided they are less than 10% of salary) are given as a cash payment to the recipient direct in their pay, they are therefore subject to deductions for tax and NI which will be taken from the gross amount of the award with the net payment being made to the recipient. Managers will make the nominations by way of a written case highlighting what performance/behaviour is being recognised, which is then reviewed by the PVC/Director of service for approval.

Gold awards can be anything up to 10% of a recipients pay and like the Silver awards are made as a cash payment and are given after a written case has been presented to the PVC/Director of Service for approval.