Gold award winners 

As part of the University’s Above and Beyond reward scheme, annual Gold awards can be given. Gold awards are a meaningful way to recognise a colleague’s exceptional work at the University. They are given after a written case has been presented to the PVC/Director of Service for approval.

Gold awards were announced in July 2017. The following colleagues received gold awards (this is not a comprehensive list as some colleagues opted not to appear on this page).

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Barrie Cooper, Senior Lecturer
David Wakeling, Senior Lecturer
Leo de Sousa-Webb, Training Manager 

 College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Richard Tennant, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Regan Early, Lecturer
Catherine Gallop, Director of CYP IAPT Programmes and Deputy Director of CEDAR
Dr Paul James, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ann Power, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Tim Dodsworth, Lecturer in Law
Christina Walton, Lecturer in Law
Karen Walsh, Lecturer in Law

University of Exeter Medical School
Rachel M Palfrey, Senior Lecturer
William Gaze, Associate Professor
Alison Curnow, Associate Professor and Deputy Director BMBS programme
Kate Ellacott, Associate Professor
Katie Lunnon, Senior Lecturer
Maddy Geen, Apprentice Administrative Assistant
Lucy Ashton, Senior Lecturer

College of Humanities
Dr Sonia Cunico, Director of Language Teaching and Director of the Foreign Language Centre

Education and Student Experience
Helen Baker, Student & Education Services Senior Assistant
Allison Brett, Administrator (Programme Support)
Alison Hume, Education Hub Manager
Dr Andy Robinson, Taught Programme Support Manager 

Executive Suite
Rachel Winzer, Business Manager to the Provost

Policy, Planning and Business Intelligence
Catherine North, Strategic Planning Officer

Communication and Marketing Services
Charlotte Sweet, Social Media Manager
Alison Ramsden, Communications Manager
George Moore, Studio Manager and Senior Designer

Campus Services
Lynne White, Office Administrative Assistant 

Have a look at our gallery to see some colleagues who received Gold awards in 2015-16, to celebrate their success and offer inspiration. Some profiles of 2016-17 Gold awardees will follow in due course.