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Access the portal

To access the portal for Above and Beyond Bronze Awards, please visit: http://www.exeteraboveandbeyond.co.uk.

Above and Beyond allows for greater flexibility in terms of the level of reward people can receive:

Category of AwardsWho can nominate?Timing of AwardType of AwardApprovalFlowchart of Process 
Bronze Line Managers

Colleague-to-colleague nominations

Can be awarded at any point throughout the year
  • eThank You cards and certificates
  • eVouchers - £25, £50, £100, £250 and £500
Above and Beyond Budget holder Bronze Award Process
Silver Line Managers Can be awarded at any point throughout the year
  • Cash - £750, £1000, £2000, £3000 and £4000 (providing they are less than 10% of salary)
PVC/Director of Service  Silver Award Process
Gold Gold
(Rewarding Excellence)
Will be considered and awarded only once annually (normally paid in July)
  • Cash up to 10% of salary or up to £5000

see below

Gold Award Process

Rewarding Excellence

The Rewarding Excellence (Gold) awards are for exceptional performance at a University-wide level. Criteria for Gold awards are:

  • has demonstrated the highest performance possible
  • Individual/team have made a substantial contribution to the University's Global 100 vision
  • Individual is a true embodiment of the University values
  • Only outstanding, University-wide achievements are eligible
  • Achievement has made a significant positive impact at College/Service or University level

These will be cash awards up to 10% of salary or £5000 and will be approved by a central panel comprised of the Provost, Registrar & Secretary and HR Director. Written cases should be submitted to your PVC/Director by year end and will be paid in July. 

Useful tools and guidance

The following tools which should help you with the process: