Case studies

An award can be given for the simplest of things - from looking at a problem and coming up with a different solution that may then help others, to taking time to look at the extra details and making that little bit of extra effort.

Below are some case studies of awards that have been given, this is not an exhaustive list and Colleges and Services may have their own idea of 'above and beyond' that fits with their ambitions and strategy as well as the overacting strategy of the University.

Saying a thank you can go a long way but if you think that the nominee has gone that little bit extra then a monetary nomination might be appropriate as well.

Bronze awards

  • £25 award:  "Extra care and attention spent on ensuring facilities were of a high standard.  The detail the nominee went to is more than expected and they did a great job which often goes unappreciated" - Community
  • £100 award:  "Organising a teaching programme which was exceptionally tricky, with major changes having to be made only days before the start of term, your ability to solve a range of highly difficult logistical challenges and to do so with calm and good humour" - Challenge
  • £100 award:  "For successfully bringing together colleagues from all aspects of the University to explore the synergy between research and education.  The feedback from participants were overwhelmingly positive" - Collaboration
  • £250 award:  "For diligence and meticulousness, highly valued by colleagues and for all the extra work that has been taken on, overseeing the team's finances, this year has provided stability and reassurance during a challenging time" - Rigour
  • £500 award:  "For expertly leading the development of a number of high profile research initiatives during the academic year,  Showing exceptional organisational, project management and communication skills, all initiatives were successfully implemented on time" - Ambition
  • £500 award:  "For the impact you have made in helping to reach a University milestone, your continued commitment to the project and for taking extra time and extra hours to ensure the project was delivered on time helping the University to make savings" - Impact

Silver awards

  • "For showing great resilience, impact and dedication to the job of balancing the demands of a new job while still carrying on performance in her old role while backfill for her role was put in place.  Showed great initiative, sound judgment and a calm attitude to situations that could quickly escalate if not handled correctly, whilst having a huge learning curve to deal with at the same time."
  • "Led on a project to make considerable financial savings for the University across the University, calming the nerves of the staff, convincing Colleges on service delivery advantages, and ensuring that each and every individual was properly dealt with.  Continued to run customer facing services with usual competence ensuring services were supported for the extended teaching day.  Strongly demonstrated commitment to the University and it its values over this period."

Gold awards

  • "Has shown dedication and a high performance; embodies the University's values and the achievement is impacting at a University-wide level.  Achieved through leading the efforts to achieve recognition and awards for the College.  Has exceptional leadership skills and impact of success is University-wide.  Dedicated and unflappable when facing deadlines."
  • "Continues to perform strongly across all areas of our work.  Has taken the initiative in encouraging more colleagues to apply for grants, organising research afternoons to discuss work in progress (including grants in preparation), and has strongly supported staff in research collaborations.  Involved in organising workshops, some of which have been high profile.  Shows versatility and is a team player with a strong skill set required and a lead developer, works closely with other colleagues campus wide to continually enhance and develop the system to meet the University requirements.  Has built up a reputation which centres on hard work, business alignment and excellent technical ability.