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Bitesize Learning: Menopause at Work



Personal Effectiveness.


Health, Safety and Environment.

About this course:

Monthly one-hour sessions, providing information on a range of common physical and mental health conditions, an opportunity to consider the potential impact on work and to identify what support and resources are available.

Sessions will include a short presentation on the condition, covering signs and symptoms, the potential impact on work activities, and possible reasonable adjustments to support staff at work.

It will include the opportunity for discussion and to share best practice.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this session, you will:.

- Improve your understanding of this condition and gain confidence in managing it at work.

- Be able to identify appropriate support and resources available.

- Share and reinforce best practice.

Who should attend this course:

Anyone who has an interest in the condition, including employees and line-managers.


Karen Griffiths (Occupational Health Advisor), Jo Hurry (Disability Advisor), Toni Searl (Occupational Health Advisor)

Before the course:

There may be occasional pre-session reading, but this will not be essential.


Link to resources:.

Mental Health and Stress Standard - .

Stress Risk Assessment tools - .

Occupational Health - .

Wellbeing service - .

Staff Life - .

NHS (health information) - .

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