Our Leadership Landscape

We offer a range of development opportunities for you to develop your people management and leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours at all levels. Using the principle of progressive mastery, attendance is not restricted to grades but instead is aimed at people with different levels of experience.

We have mapped out all our provision in our revised Interactive Leadership Landscape which enables you to click on a learning opportunity to explore further or book a place.


You may undertake training that will give you sufficient credit to achieve a qualification awarded by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). To find out more about an ILM qualification visit our ILM Qualifications page.

You may also choose to formalise your learning through Externally Accredited Leadership Apprenticeship Programmes.

Leading and managing remote teams

We have been listening to people, reading the latest research and working with expert providers to create a growing, innovative set of development opportunities that will provide you with the right resources, powerful behaviours and effective skill sets to help you lead and manage people in this rapidly changing, uncertain complex and ambiguous world.

Academic Leadership

As well as all the development available here, we have created academic leadership programmes tailored especially to the needs of Heads of Department, Directors and Associate Deans. These are the result of considerable research and consultation and form the core of a growing set of opportunities to support academic leadership. 

People Management

For those who have little or no management experience and do not currently manage others.

Aims to provide you with a taste of what it takes to be a manager at the University and develop some basic management skills and knowledge.

  • The big picture: organisational awareness
  • The effective manager: managing yourself
  • The effective team: managing people and resources
  • Engaging and understanding others
  • Career planning and personal development

The Aspiring Managers Programme (AMP)

For those who have just or are about to become people managers and team leaders for the first time at the University.

Delivered through a range of workshops covering all the essentials. Modules marked "ILM2" are accredited by the ILM and provide sufficient learning for the Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills.

For general managers with 4+ years of experience in a range of management topics.

Modules marked "ILM3" are accredited by the ILM and provide sufficient learning for the Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.


Consolidate leadership practice

Build leadership mastery