Course Title: The Effective Supervisor Programme
Theme: Leadership and Management
Category: Programmes without Qualification
About this programme:

This programme has been designed to help supervisors develop in their role and address the challenges and opportunities they encounter.

You will improve your confidence in a range of supervisory skills, meet people in similar roles, share experiences and learn how to best manage different situations. You will also develop new skills and understanding across a range of topics from motivating staff to dealing with negative attitudes.

You will attend 3 half-day workshops across a 3 month period. Delegates will also meet as a group to share good practice, learn from each other and have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers.

To help your development, you will be asked to do some activities outside of the formal sessions that will help you to relate what you learn to your work environment.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending Module 1: Leading and Managing Your Team, you will be able to:

  1. Appreciate and work with your team’s dynamics
  2. Examine the importance of directions and values
  3. Learn how to give and receive needed feedback and true recognition
  4. Appreciate how to motivate yourself and others
  5. Understand the need for performance management and planning

As a result of attending Module 2: Key Communication Techniques for Managers, you will be able to:

  1. Discover how to develop your communication skills and overcome barriers
  2. Explore assertive communication: its definitions and benefits
  3. Appreciate the reasoning / rationality behind behaviour
  4. Understand the importance of words, language and body language
  5. Practice active listening

As a result of attending Module 3: Difficult Conversations, People and Negativity, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and manage several ‘difficult people’ styles more effectively
  2. Transform negative attitudes into positive ones
  3. Foster communication and teamwork
  4. Identify triggers and create coping strategies
  5. Become your own positive influence
Who should attend this programme:

Supervisors (typically Grades C-D) within Campus Services, Library and SID who supervise staff at Grades B-C and/or apprentices.

Presenter(s): TBC
Nomination: Staff are invited to submit a nomination form <link to form> (supported by their line manager) to be considered for a place on this programme.
What previous participants have said about the course:
  • “Excellent experience, a great session”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed this session, it has been very useful”
  • “Everything about it was valuable”
Before the course: Whilst there is no specific pre-course work, there will be activities to undertake between each learning session. These will be reflected upon with your line manager. If you successfully complete these activities, you will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Supervisory Practice’ from the University.