Completing, Reporting, Training Records

The MI Hub uploads from LearnUpon overnight, therefore it should be correct the day after you complete your training.  If it does not show after a couple of days please log a SID enquiry: go to SID online, start a New Enquiry and select "Mandatory Training General Enquiry" from the "Category" list. 

Your record will show "In progress" if you have not completed the training in full or have not passed any test as part of the training.

If you are sure that you have completed the training in full and have passed any tests successfully and your record is therefore incorrect, please go to the SID Online system and start a New Enquiry, choosing “Mandatory Training General Enquiries” from the drop-down "Category" list. We will investigate the issue and update your record as required.

Please note that your email will be kept as evidence that you have declared you have completed the training.

To ensure that you have access to the required training and information at the right time the system no longer relies on feeding information to and from Trent. Instead you can view the records for your online training on the MI Hub at all times which are accurate to within 24 hours.

The monthly report is no longer produced as all the information is available via the HR section of the MI Hub at all times. Choose “My Team Report” and then “Training”.

Your training (and if you are a manager, your staff’s training) is viewable through the HR section of the MI Hub. Choose “My Team Report” and then “Training”.

If you are a manager your staff’s training is viewable through the HR section of the MI Hub. Choose “My Team Report” and then “Training”.

You need to discuss more specific training required for your role with your line manager.  Use the Table of Mandatory training table to identify courses.

There are a number of reasons that compliance rates will initially change once the new system is in place:

  • Associates and casual staff are now included in headline compliance rate % when they weren’t before. The reports can be filtered by "Staff Type".
  • Renewal periods are now being applied for all 4 mandatory training groups. 
    • H&S & E&D training previously had a 3 year renewal period applied but this is being shortened to 2 years
    • Now that Prevent Duty training has been running for 3 years, people will be required to renew their compliance for this training for the first time
    • People are reminded that they need to have taken the new ‘Information Governance v1.0’ course in order to be compliant for Information Governance training. The old ‘Information Security’ course no longer confers compliance

From Sept 2019 the reports on the MI Hub will show a rolling 12 month picture, but you can change the view to see a longer timeframe by clicking on the "show/hide filter options" at the top left of the report. We will be reviewing this report over the next year to see waht would best suit everyone's needs.