Enrolment, Reminders & Policy

To access the catalogue of courses and self-enrol click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab in the top left corner of your LearnUpon home page. Scroll through the courses until you find the course you want, click on the green ‘enrol’ button on the right hand side. The course will now appear on your dashboard.

Note that you will not be able to self-enrol on any of the "All staff" mandatory training courses (Health & Safety, Equality DIversity & Inclusivity, Prevent Duty, Information Governance).

Yes, if you started after 1/9/19 . Anyone with a University of Exeter IT account must complete the courses which are mandatory for all staff in line with the Mandatory Training Policy

If you have a good reason why you should not complete one or more of the “all staff” mandatory training courses please use the dispensation process (see "Exemption, dispensation, additional time" FAQ).

All users of eClaims should now be using an Associate/ eClaims IT account which will allow them to access the Mandatory Training courses. This will also help if they need to access systems and other drives.

The only exception relates to the Student Ambassadors/ Marshalls where the current numbers make it difficult to set up manual associate IT accounts and any eClaims accounts set up prior to September.

The website for engaging casual workers has been updated to show this change.

eClaims will still accept student IT accounts at the moment, but this will be reviewed and anyone accessing in this way will not be able to gain entry to the mandatory training courses.

All individuals who are employed or engaged by the Unversity and/or have been given an Exeter IT account are required to undertake mandatory training to ensure that the University not only complies with regulations and the law but also to ensure that your knowledge, skills and understanding of these important areas are kept up to date, enabling you to work safely, effectively and confidently.

Everyone must complete the four 'All Staff' courses, beyond these it will depend on your role and you should discuss requirements with your line manager/account requester. More information can be found within the Table of Mandatory training and the Mandatory Training Policy   

As we require all colleagues to engage with mandatory training as a prerequisite to working at the university, we will pay both casual workers and associate (paid) colleagues for the time take to do this (30 minutes per course). 

This cost will be met as part of employment costs by the department.  Non-paid associates will not receive payment but are required to complete the training in order use an Exeter IT account.

The courses identified to be completed on day one of enrolment are mandatory by law or are considered a requirement for employment or engagement by the University.  Completing the training is a requirement for receiving an Exeter IT account.

Failure to comply without good reason is considered to be a breach of these conditions and, like any contractual breach, may be subject to disciplinary action.

The four courses that are mandatory for "all staff", including casual workers and associates, (Health & Safety, Prevent Duty, Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity, Information Governance) need to be completed on day one of your employment/engagement (new starters) and renewed in line with refresh periods for each course.

A reminder email is sent out for each course each week for four weeks (days 1, 7, 14, 21) unless the course is completed in that time.

You have therefore received a reminder email because either:

  • you have yet to complete that particular mandatory training course; or 
  • you are now due to renew this mandatory training course in line with the refresh periods.

Please follow the instructions in the reminder email.  

You can re-enrol on all courses apart from the four ‘All Staff’ courses.  The University requires you to repeat the ‘All Staff’ courses at the renewal date and will automatically re-enrol you at this point.

Should you need to complete the training earlier for any reason please log a query via SID online.  You can still re-launch the courses in order to look back at the training – this will not overwrite your original test score of compliance date.

No. All staff, associates and casual workers who are being employed/engaged or have been given an Exeter IT account must complete the four ‘All Staff’ courses as a minimum.

Responsibilities are set out in the Mandatory Training Policy

Line managers - It is the line manager’s responsibility to ensure that staff or casual workers have the mandatory training for their role identified and clearly articulated to them, and the timeframe set in which such training must be completed.  Line managers must also monitor completion of training and highlight any issues a staff member might be having.

Induction Facilitators – Ensure that the member of staff has access to their IT account and mandatory training on day 1.  The line manager is ultimately responsible for the member of staff’s completion of mandatory training.

Associate IT Account Requesters - Anyone who has an Exeter IT account is required to complete the ‘All Staff’ training.  The individual requesting the IT account will need to ensure that the person receiving the account understands this requirement and completes the training as per the Mandatory Training Policy

Members of staff, associates and casual workers – Undertake mandatory training for your role within the timelines stipulated in the Mandatory Training Webpages.  Promptly raise with your line manager, or requester, any issues that may impact your ability to complete the training within the required timescales. Renew your training within compliance timelines.

For payroll staff there will be one Line Manager who is ultimately responsible for the employee and is therefore responsible for ensuring they complete their mandatory training on day one of their appointment.  

For non-payroll staff (associates and casual workers), the staff member responsible for training must be named when requesting an IT account. This person will be responsible for ensuring that the associate/casual worker completes their training on day one of their appointment/engagement as per the Mandatory Training Policy The person responsible for the training can see whether the indivdiual concerned is compliant or not in the MI Hub.